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Five Key Success Factors for Subscription Vendors

For companies adopting a subscription business model, your success is dependent on how you collect and use customer data. When migrating from conventional business models mediated by ERP, it's best to start your education by understanding the data you generate and then use it effectively.

That's where Denis Pombriant comes in. Pombriant is the CEO of Beagle Research Group and a well-known analyst and thought leader in the CRM space. He writes for CRM Magazine, Destination CRM, Search CRM, CRM Buyer as well as his own web site and blog. He conducts research in emerging areas of front office technology and business and he consults regularly to many of the leading companies in CRM.

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There are five crucial success factors that most subscription companies face and they all boil down to customer data - how much of it a company can gather and how they analyze and exploit the information it contains. – Denis Pombriant, CEO, Beagle Research

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