The Subscription Economy Operating Plan

March 12th, 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET

In the Subscription Economy, your business' operating plan must be based on maximizing and maintaining recurring revenue. But there are metrics that need to be considered when creating the right operating plan for recurring revenue businesses. In fact, we call these The Only 3 Metrics that Matter in the Subscription Economy.

Key Metric #1:
Churn Rate

Key Metric #2:
Recurring Profit Margin

Key Metric #3:
Growth Efficiency

However, creating an operating plan around these key metrics and delivering a profitable and sustainable business is easier said than done.

Based off of our viral (6,000+ downloads) slideshare deck, join Zuora's webinar, The Subscription Economy Operating Plan to hear how CFOs in the subscription world are translating the most critical metrics into an efficient and scalable operating plan.

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Tyler Sloat
Chief Financial Officer



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