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Relationship Business Management

Relationship Business Management. Whether or not you’ve heard this term before, it’s something to pay attention to.

Why? Because your customers have changed for good. They are looking for new ways to engage with your business. They want on-going services (we like to call these subscriptions), not one-time products. To succeed in this new world you need a business model that will keep customers consistently engaged in long-term relationships, along with a system that is built to manage the commerce, billing and finance complexities that come with long-term recurring revenue. 

This focus on relationships is what distinguishes RBM from today’s ERP and CRM solutions. RBM is a new category of solution designed to meet the demands of today’s customers and pick up where traditional solutions fall short.

We wrote this guide to help modern businesses operate in a world of on-going relationships. Here’s a little preview of its contents:

  • The benefits of RBM: learn how RBM stacks up against ERP
  • Relationships matter: find out the cost of acquiring a new customer vs. keeping an existing one
  • New success metrics: learn the three RBM metrics that measure business health, while accounting for churn and recurring revenue
  • Case study: see how Insideview leverages RBM to manage on-going relationships with over 19,000 customers.

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