An Operating Framework to Help Grow Your Subscription Business Webinar On Demand

The Subscription Economy has brought upon the necessity for a new business model. One that is centered around the customer relationship. In subscription businesses, the consumer—not the product—is at the center of everything.

As business models shift, so too do the ways success is measured. A new set of operating metrics is needed. Unlike traditional financial metrics, these metrics are forward-looking metrics that give insight into your customer’s success. There are many theories about these metrics and those theories have evolved over the past 5 years. Zuora now presents you with a chance to learn from the experiences of finance and operations experts who have steered a subscription business through multiple stages of growth and maturity.

Join Ben Kwon, VP of Operations and Iain Hassall, Controller and VP of Finance, who share ownership of Zuora's internal business operating framework, and learn:

  • How best-in-class companies are measuring their customers' Subscription Experience across the entire lifecycle, from marketing influence to sales effectiveness to customer adoption and success 
  • How you should think about these metrics differently as your business goes through different stages of growth and its lifecycle 
  • How to empower your teams, solidify your company’s relationships with your customers, and be the prime catalyst for major growth in your business

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Ben Kwon
VP, Business Operations

Iain Hassall
Controller and VP, Finance

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