The Modern CFO


Learn all about the evolving role of the modern CFO in the subscription economy

The Modern CFO is expected to have a much bigger stake in business ownership, participating in critical decision making and ultimately being the primary driver of the business model. What has spurred on this shift? What exactly has changed for the CFO? How does a CFO adapt to these new expectations?
“Today, the person owning this new business model is the Modern CFO. It is this role, and this role only that has the quantitative knowledge to be able to understand how certain business levers affect the business,” says Megan Golden.

By reading this eBook, you’ll learn all about:

  • The evolution of the CFO

  • The consumers role in the shift

  • How to protect your subscription business from upstart competitors

  • How successful subscription companies do business

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Written by, Megan Golden, Sr. Manager, Global Corp Comms & Content Marketing at Zuora

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