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Subscription Finance

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2014 was a record year for many subscription businesses. We saw public companies like Adobe acquire 3.5 million subscribers just one year after their shift to subscriptions, while IPO darlings like Box are amending their S-1 filing to share they’ve actually doubled their revenue year over year.

Subscriptions have become the go-to business model. But this model requires transformation across every department, especially finance. 

The shift to subscriptions can wreak havoc on any finance team not prepared to handle recurring revenue. But don’t fret - this kit will help you understand the critical differences in the subscription model and build out the operational strategies required for success.

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  • Guide: Recurring Revenue Optimization: The Basics
  • Webinar Replay: How to Measure the Performance of a Subscription Business
  • eBook: An Introduction to Subscription Finance
  • Guide: The Basics of Subscriber Management

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