The Renaissance of Media: How Crunchyroll's Fans Are Driving the Future of Streaming Video

We are living through one of the greatest transformations in media since the advent of radio and television. Not a day passes without sensational headlines covering “the great unbundling” — millennials are turning away from traditional TV at an accelerating rate, “skinny bundles” continue to roll out (Hulu and YouTube joining the fray soon), and there’s never been more options for streaming high-quality content. Pressure continues to mount on traditional distributors and content creators, as emerging digital-born brands thrive employing new business models.

One of the players navigating this evolving landscape is Crunchyroll, a video streaming service focused on Japanese anime. With over 750,000 paying subscribers in over 100 countries, it’s one of the largest SVOD services in the world. Join Zuora Global Head of Media Solutions Craig Barberich and Crunchyroll Marketing Lead (formerly at Hulu) Reid DeRamus as they chat about:

  • Transitioning from broad-market services to niche audiences

  • Subscription metrics fundamentals

  • International expansion

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“Like-minded communities crave a shared identity, and there is exceptional power in identity — we believe passionate fans will drive the renaissance of media”

- Reid DeRamus, Marketing Lead, Crunchyroll


Reid DeRamus
Marketing Lead

Craig Barberich
Head of Media Solutions

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