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Monetizing the Internet of Things

Creating a Connected Customer Experience

Smart, connected products and the Internet of Things are transforming customer relationships and how value is realized across the enterprise.

In today’s IoT world, value is being driven from improved customer experiences and new revenue streams are being unlocked by leveraging data from connected products.
Chris Kuntz, VP, Partner EcoSystem from ThingWorx and Rich Becker, IoT Strategy & Solutions from Zuora show how to evolve your technology systems to deliver a memorable connected experience for your customers. 
This webinar is for you if you struggle to answer one or more of these questions:

  • Is your IoT technology infrastructure prepared to enable dynamic experiences? 
  • Do your monetization strategies align to your technology infrastructure? 
  • How do you develop a maturity model that supports your business today while preparing for your future and market leadership position?

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Chris Kuntz
VP, Ecosystem Programs
ThingWorx, a PTC Business


Rich Becker
IoT Strategy & Solutions


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